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Debbie Mackay

I always use B and A Pilot Flights when I go travelling. They are fantastic for low cost flights at good times and with good quality airlines. Flights are usually so expensive but now I can fly more often and to far away locations!

Mark Rchards

B and A Pilot Flights are the only place I go to for my flights. I saved over £300 last summer on flights alone just from using their services. Not only that but the help team helped me to plan my routes of travel to help me avoid delays!

Timothy Spade

I have always been annoyed with expensive flights. On top of those you have accomodation, food, activites and more, and it just seems endless. It put me off going on holiday, but now I have found B and A Pilot Flights I can travel further for less. 

Do you want to see the Great Wall of China, or trek though the Jungles in Kenya? Have you always dreamt of scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, or riding an elephant in Thailand? There are so many fantastic things to experience and sights to see all over the world, and quite frankly so little time to do it! Seeing the world is a beautiful and thrilling experience, and whether you plan to do it all in one go, taking a year or two years out of your day to day life and setting off with a back pack, or by taking smaller holidays throughout the year, it really is a must do thing!


It's too expensive!

However, the one thing that seems to be stopping people these days is the extortionate prices of flights. I mean, £1500 to fly to Australia, or £400 to fly to France, and that’s with stopovers and economy tickets! These days it is just so expensive that people just can't afford the flights, let alone the accommodation, food, sight seeing and souvenirs on top! This is especially the case when you are flying as a family. To pay for yourself, your husband or wife and your children makes holidays a terribly expensive thing; and with the economy in England, minimum wages, high taxes and student living, it is ever increasingly difficult for the solo traveller to get going to. 


B and A Pilot Flights

That is where B and A Pilot Flights come in. We are a comprehensive, one and only stop to your flight needs.

   With contacts in all areas of flights, from booking to landing and everything in-between, we are able to find you the perfect flights for your needs.


   We deal with over 1000 airlines and 400 airports worldwide.


   With a fantastic flight schedule system, we are able to know when every flight is leaving, and when the flight prices fluctuate and deflate for them.


There is a science to it you see. You can only book flights 12 months in advance, but the price doesn’t stay the same from the moment the booking is open until the moment you are on the flight. There are periods of prices dropping and price increases. For example, certain times of year, like bank holidays and summer holidays are when flights are expensive. However, these are also the times when booking flights can be cheapest. There are so many deals around to entice different individuals that at almost every time of year you can find a bargain. January sales, and summer sales aren't just for the shops, these count for flights too! It is also a fantastic fact to know that airlines drop prices of the cabins that haven’t filled up as quickly as the others, or in comparison to previous flights. That means that sometimes it is actually cheaper to buy a flight for Economy Plus than it is for Economy. 


This is a lot to learn, but that is why we do the work for you. All you need to do is let us know where you want to go, what sort of dates and we will search our database to tell you not only the best times to fly but the best times to book, which cabin to book under and which airlines to go for!